Podleśna, historically known as Klingerswalde, is an old-Prussian village in northern Poland, 8 km south-east of Dobre Miasto in Warmian-Masurian Province. The route north from Olsztyn winds through shady, tree-lined lanes and Warmian wayside shrines to the idyllic village. It was established in 1362 as Clünderswalde. Even today it retains its quiet mystique, a sleepy and undisturbed snippet of charming Warmia.

The Klingerswalde’s aim is to revive this place and bring out its energy in a whole new way. To create an organic structure where music and nature intertwine, art installations and stimulating environment that actively engages the public. Inspiring atmosphere, music selection, and the creation of a unique experience are at the core of the event. Musical, artistic and environmental aspects will stimulate the participant’s senses. Maintaining the intimate atmosphere and satisfying experience is more important than increasing sales, which is why the number of Podleśna visitors is limited. A camping field for 300 tents, a chill out zone and food trucks will be available on the spot. Limited audience will positively affect the comfort of all participants with respect to eachother and the environment.

With an impressive scene, where the backstage touches the forest backdrop and opens to a field for 500+ music lovers Klingerswalde will create a new quality of musical experience. Klingerswalde 2018 is not a ready made product. Details will be announced in the upcoming months. Please follow us to be up to date.