Ilker Soylu (born in Istanbul, Turkey) better known for his stage name of Philogresz is a Turkish and Dutch electronic music record producer, multi-instrumentalist & DJ/Selector based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Moody, old taped-blended, jazzy and organically composed; yet it is arrogantly inviting techno with absolutely no boundaries… With a career spanning over a decade covering genres from electronica to techno to minimal jazz cuts, Philogresz has released on respected electronic music labels like Echocord, !K7, Electric Deluxe. He runs TEAM records & PHIL, producing over 25 singles / album since 2002. Philogresz is known of his 2014 release: ‘Mooder’ on British label from Brighton; Bedrock Records which got topped at several international charts. His single ‘Move Me’ has been selected by record collector Gilles Peterson for his weekly radio-show on BBC Radio 1. A dub techno piece ‘Emerald’ he’s composed for the deeply rooted Danish imprint Echocord, got licensed to the prestigious DJ Kicks series on Studio !k7. Not to mention several high chart rankings on Resident Advisor, Beatport & Kompakt. His 2014 debut album ‘ The Lost Movie’ was launched in Tokyo with a remarkable show at Shibuya’s oldest and the legendary club Module. LP got featured on media outlets such as Vice, RA, Thump, Noissey, DJ Broadcast, Fazemag Numerous album tour performance followed up at 10 Days Off, Boiler Room, Tomorrowland, Distortion Festival. Philogresz regularly tours worldwide and listed at sonic temples like D-Edge Sao Paulo, TBA New York, Radion Amsterdam, Arkaoda Istanbul, Culture-Box Copenhagen, Berns Stockholm, Revolver Norway, Macarena Barcelona, Rye Wax London. In the recent years, he’s founded Zwart Goud – local record institute and a platform for events, clinics, blogging and to spread the love of electronic music.…

Jabłoński (WARSZAWA)

Michał Jabłoński began his passion for techno music from playing with vinyls. Extracted from the black disc sounds inspired him to do more, to go a step further and create his own music. Since then he experimented with a lot of genres of electronic music, to find his own sound. He sought inspiration in people crowded cities, the correlation of nature and industrialized society. Today, his performances are consisting entirely of the author production, where you can find a dense atmosphere, industrial and off beats sounds and elements of dub techno driven by energetic, expressive kick.


Sin is a vinyl, well trained player and its long to say about legends from the techno scene that he supported. Founder of the Poznań promotor collective Analogen, member of the Urbanum agency and a resident of the Poznań club “Tama”. He is full of uncontrollable energy and his shows are filled with charisma that flows straight from him and is always given to all dancers. On stage 16 years. He has had many performances, including in the Berlin club Tresor or Mayday Poland.


Ciacho found music interest at an early age when he began sourcing and selecting on his own quest for new sounds at various music clubs in Warsaw (and not only). Years of wandering around the club map of Poland as well as his experience with various shades of electronic music allowed him to find the right genre, which he continues to explore till today. He has been behind the decks for more than a decade dating from his professional debut in 2006 at M25 in Warsaw at the dj contest. Łukasz managed to find his own distinctive style. His sets flourish with tracks that are raw, often surprising, deep, and hypnotic, from the catalogs of such labels as: Samurai Horo, Arts, Auxiliary, Grey Area, Samurai Music, Samurai Red Seal, Northern Electronics, Hypnus Records. In addition to his dj activity, Ciacho organizes events. He is also originator and creator of the Minimal Planet project. As an eternal optimist, his smile wins people over (especially after the party in the club is over).


Present on the local scene since 2005, TAS are musicians and promoters of top of the line events in Olsztyn and in the region. Their musical taste is to be situated somewhere between house, tribal and breakbeat Their style is difficult to determine. From broken drums to electronic sounds, deep bass is invariably present together with unique vocals. Over the years they shared the stage with: Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols, UK), Lady Waks (RU), Ed Solo (UK), Seba (SE), Mc Sirreal (The Freestylers, UK), Implex(RU), Retroid (HU), Ludmilla (HU),Kanji Kinetic(UK), Beta(UK).


Warmian soul, by spirit and nature. Former protégé of the best female conquerors of Warsaw club scene. Currently based in London where she is resident at one of the clubs. Inspired by the beauty in everything that surrounds her, MM’s musical style oscillates between different species of trees, almost like Tarzan who sinusoidally crashes through boughs and lianas. Acid rain, vinyl storm, thunderbolt. Crash, flash, boom! If you know, you know. If you don’t know, you’ll get to know. Oi…


Jacek- DJ, promoter, radio host. He has mixed cassette tapes since the early 90’s. His quest for finding his own distinctive sound led him to explore early house music, techno, trance, chillout to finally define himself as an off-beat and performative electronic music dj and promoter. From the beginning of the 90s, he was firmly present on the local club scene as a DJ and music manager of the legendary clubs F R O M Pub and Boomtown in Olsztyn. From 2004 he started his residency at Le Madame in Warsaw. His sets are best characterized by ubiquitous eclecticism, full of twists and turns. Nevertheless, there is always coherent musical tale present in his music. As an experienced participant and performer on many club and art stages, he has no sentiments directed towards trends and genres. His musical narration is based on the nights spent in dark clubs and thousands of miles traveled.


Nath, dj & producer. One of the youngest, yet very much present on the local electronic scene. He is a founder of the techno squat called ‘Rynny’, and a resident dj at Teoria Chaosu. Recently, he has launched a new party project @Untitled. He willingly explores unobvious venues, he performed spontaneously in various open air locations and inside a city bus. b2b form of performing is his favourite. He is convinced that this form of musical expression creates a very interesting dynamics between the two artists, when it comes to track selection and transition, which leads to unique experience. Nath has shared the decks with some of the most renowned polish techno artists. It is difficult to clearly describe the nature of his sets. However, fast tempo, lively sound and strong beat are always in presence. Although techno is its main genre, he also likes other genres such as minimal, funk or disco.


Andrzej Jaszczuk aka Jaszczur. His fascination for electronic music started thanks to The Prodigy cassettes on his first walkman (received as a gift after his First Communion ceremony:) Since then his passion for electronic music was constantly growing to the point that he decided to try his hand at mixing. His sets usually played within 130 bmp are energetic, dynamic and ‘pumping’. Each and every one of his sets he treats like a new adventure, and happily shares with the audience.


DJ, promoter, proponent of vinyl medium. Firmly associated with the alternative scene in Olsztyn. Interested in exploring extraordinary locations and unconventional often forgotten or abandoned venues for parties. Co-founder of Night Rabbit – a musical project that aims at reviving spaces and making them experienceable in a different, creative way. A leading member of Electronic For A Friend (EFF) – a collective that brings listeners closer to the phenomenon of electronic performative music in all its experimental shapes and shades.


Krazz. His adventure with electronic music is a journey that continues, since 1996. At first, he was a listener, from 2005 he bacame a DJ. Almost all the genres of drum and bass are present in his music. He is up to date with the trends and knows exactly how to satisfy the audience. He has performed next to the drum ‘n’ bass legends as well as in front of the underground crowds. Krazz is always very conscious about the material that he delivers. The highest musical quality presented in Krazz’s sets is delivered through his excellent selection, amazing energy, right sense and skills.


Piotr as a dj is relatively a newcomer on a local scene. His raw talent, experience and unswerving savviness in exploring electronic music are very far from average, though. His sets rendered with exceptional consistency and his huge focus on the quality of the musical material deliverance, have the power to convince even the most stubborn malcontents. Meszkov is known for his energetic, fast tempo techno sets he adores. Recently, he has launched Akurat event series.


Adrian Skiba aka Skeebz. DJ, livng in Manchester. His passion for electronic music was born in Olsztyn years ago. He became active as a DJ when he moved to Manchester, England. Since 2017 he mainly plays drum and bass/jungle. He actively performs under the wing of the Bloc2Bloc Entertainment team. He regularly shows his skills on their streams and events. Resident of the Mensai collective. Present on Subwoofah streams. At Klingerswalde, he promises to present hard and dark material.


Galactic Lutra is a DJ who likes to work with much brighter sounds of electronic music. He regularly organizes parties under the name Gwiezdny Mech, since a year now. He also performs in other projects. Galactic Lutra is a fan of space and timelessness. In his sets, he likes to experiment with synth-pop, nu disco, indietronica and italo. He likes to be unconventional when it comes to the selection of the tracks he uses. His presence is certainly a valuable asset to the Klingerswalde program.


CHRISLATANIC – aka CYSIEQ. The originator and the founding father of the KLINGERSWALDE event. In the years 2000 – 2001 he worked in the promotion and advertising agency Alice.D in Olsztyn, where he gained experience as an organizer of various events; metal and hip-hop concerts, house and techno events, performances and competitions. After fifteen years of break, he decided to go back to basics and together with a group of friends, in 2016, he spontaneously brought to life the KLINGERSWALDE project. Now he lives, works and plays as a dj in Amsterdam. He is a guitarist in the punk rock project GORSZY SORT BAND. Extremely flexible when it comes to music. He can not listen to one type of music, he constantly discover new musical spheres. The variety and richness of electronic sounds gives him a wide range of possibilities to express, but at the moment CHRISLATANIC plays mailnly techno and acid.


Mr Regan, one of the founding fathers of the Klingerswalde event. Active as a DJ since the 90s. A musical globetrotter. He performs in the US, most often in California. His great come back on the local scene to be experienced at Klingerswalde 2018. Stay tuned.